Donate: You don’t need to have a lot to give a lot, donate what you can and the lord shall multiply all you have. Donations, no matter how small make a huge impact. Find a cause you support and donate today.

Volunteer: Time is one of the most valuable things you can give. Taking time to do something that helps others in need is the best way to spend time. From volunteering in the local food banks to helping to serve food at the local shelter and even participating in overseas missionary trips. Find a group to focus on and be a part of change

Fundraise: Fundraise for an organization or a particular cause or start your own organization and raise funds. Whichever you decided, you can raise funds in ways such as hosting an event, posting a campaign for funds on social media or hosting a drive where much needed items are collected for the less fortunate. Fundraising can be fun and creative the end goal is the joy of accomplishments for doing something that benefits a lot of people. Start today and reap fruits of what you sow.

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