The Joy Of Giving

When we give, we also receive and what we receive is the joy that comes from giving. Generosity comes in different forms; a simple smile to someone may be the most generous gift you may offer to that person who is seeking hope and courage. There is always that

Tax Deductibility

According to the IRS, there is a special new provision which allows people to deduct up to $300 in donations from their income to qualifying charities.  This new change allows for individual taxpayers to claim “above the line” deductions of up to $300 for cash donations made to charities

Ways To Make A Difference

Donate: You don’t need to have a lot to give a lot, donate what you can and the lord shall multiply all you have. Donations, no matter how small make a huge impact. Find a cause you support and donate today. Volunteer: Time is one of the most valuable