Medical Clinic

In Haiti, many children and their families living in poverty die from preventable and untreated illness due to the lack of access to basic healthcare, shortage of doctors, chronic malnutrition, poor water sanitation and parasitic infections such as malaria and dengue fever. FVM’s medical mission is dedicated to saving


FVM is dedicated to using our donations to give every child in Haiti the best chance for success by improving literacy. Children in poverty are more likely to be exposed to the stress of violence, gangs and drugs. Encouraging children to be eager about learning changes the course of

House Of Worship

Evangelist Fernande Valme began spreading the gospel very early on in her life and comforted the sick and the less fortunate through prayers. She began to host prayer group sessions in her private home, which evolved into the full fledged house of prayer.  Evangelist Fernande Valme and her house