Medical Clinic Expansion

The unfortunate occurrence of natural disasters in Haiti such as earthquakes, has destroyed a number of hospitals and given rise to communicable diseases as families are displaced and forced to live in unfavorable conditions. FVM has increased its initiative to expand its clinic so as to offer the best

Donate To Our Food Pantry

FVM organizes weekly food pantry for families struggling with food insecurities and shortage on Thursdays at 11 am to 12 pm. The location for the food pantry is, 1120 Flatbush avenue Brooklyn, New York 11226, United States. Thank you for your support! Food Donations and pantry items can be

Help Us Strengthen Our Communities

A large number of low income families put off weddings for economic and social reasons; FVM encourages and empowers couples by providing a venue, officiants, decorations as well as celebrations afterwards. Your kind donations to this cause will help build strong communities and allow children grow up in stable

Sponsor For Clean Water In Haiti

Access to clean water is essential for life, without which poor communities in Haiti suffer devastating loss.  With your support FVM provides communities with safe and sanitized water. Please donate and help our continuous effort to keep our public water safe for all.  

Donation For School Lunch

FVM provides daily nutritious school lunches for our children. Families are given Nutrition and health education classes to help them make better food choices. They are also taught how to grow their own food and prepare healthy meals. Please make a donation today and help us in the fight

Support Communities During Crisis

Your generous donations will help FVM stay prepared to respond quickly to any humanitarian crisis affecting the resilient people of Haiti. Food, water, clothing, shoes, medication, medical supplies, toiletries and household products are what we gather for our humanitarian efforts. Please help us. Donate today.