Eng. Yonel Valme

Chief Operations Officer

Yonel Valme has 35+  years experience as an Engineer, his career experience consist of 16 years at the Kennedy Space Center (NASA) supporting the Space Program, 15 years at Lockheed Martin Cooperation where he worked as a Systems Engineer and Program Manger. In addition, he served 4 years in Chad, working under President Carter as the Chief Operations and Logistics Officer for humanitarian efforts of the guinea worm eradication program in Chad, and 2 years on the Board of Trustee at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Atlanta.

He served for over 20 years on the Advisory Board of FVM before becoming the Chief Operations Officer overseeing and managing all projects in Haiti and the United States. Yonel is one of seven children of Fernande Valme and he is very passionate about helping others.  

He is a graduate of Pratt institute N.Y earning a Degree in Electrical Engineering and Webster University where he earned his Master’s in Information Systems Management.